First comic of 2014 y’all, woooo, celebrate, yaaay, hoorah!

Sooo… been a while, huh? First off, to everyone who enjoyed reading, sorry for the extended absence! It wasn’t my intention for this break to last so long, but… well, the short story is that I’ve only recently been able to put my time and effort into drawing these kinds of comics again.

The slightly longer story is that for the majority of this year I’ve been much more emotionally and creatively drained than usual, and all the energy I could have put into making new comics had to be poured into various other things instead. On top of that, a scheduling conflict caused several project pipelines to barrel off course, and that snowball effect kept me much busier than I’d anticipated. It’s been a rough year, basically, when it’s come to making things for myself. But now I’m back in the old saddle, ready to make new things, and it feels good. Or, it feels better? Either way.

I have been considering starting a Patreon, to make doing these strips regularly more viable, though I don’t know if that’s something people’d be interested in?

It would certainly help with the site maintenance, whew, I just spent way too long upgrading and re-coding this whole dang thing! (So, uh… if you notice anything that looks particularly broken, let me know!)

In the meantime though, there’s always The Book — or if you’re in want of original art prints, canvases, phone cases & skins, apparel (and mugs, rugs and even clocks now?!) then head on over to my Society6 store!