More like Nancy Drew-Wop, am I right? Am I? Honestly I have no idea. I have a very limited knowledge of either of those things, as all the historical inaccuracies in this comic will probably suggest.

Took a while to update this one, as it’s been a pretty hectic week all over for me — most notably, issue #1 of the Captain Manchester comic, which I illustrated, was finally released! The book features two short stories written by Sam “Smudge” Jones, a bunch of pictures by yours truly, and chronicles the exploits of Captain Manchester (who you may be familiar with if you live around these parts). All the proceeds from the book go to the Forever Manchester charity foundation, and you can nab it here!

There was a launch event for the book’s release on Wednesday too, which was a lot of fun, and it was exciting to see such a positive response. I also got to meet a heap of cool people there as well, including Giles and Mick, the awesome creative duo behind FAC:ABC (a project they’ve also released as a book, and which I heartily recommend purchasing if you’re able! I’ve a copy of it in front of me right now, and it is a thing of beauty).

So it’s been a good week. Hectic, certainly, but I think I prefer it that way; I do seem to perform at optimal proficiency on 4–5 hours’ sleep.

Then again there does also seem to be a lot more singing, so… I’m not sure my judgement is all too sound on that matter.