In the last episode we tackled emotions — this time we take a look at the physical side of everything being awful! Personally I opt for method number one!

(That last sentence may be more sincere than it ideally should be, and while I certainly wouldn’t condone it in earnest — as that road can quickly lead to a place where the term “ideal body” translates roughly to “can lift pencil; can maybe also walk to fridge if necessary,” which isn’t the healthiest mindset to be in when you’re the caretaker of a vastly complex and incredibly gooey machine that you’re really pretty damn dependent on in order to keep existing, y’know, at all — however at the same time it does bear repeating that your physical appearance has absolutely jack all to do with your worth as a person.)

Today’s Fun Fact: I have never been more relieved that titans don’t have junk than when I was drawing this comic.