It’s kind of a weird sensation, feeling an almost immeasurable relief when presented with the news that a company is giving at least the bare minimum of respect to their customers, rather than treating them with contempt and disdain; it shouldn’t need to be celebrated, but after every woeful misstep that has comprised the Xbox One’s marketing campaign, I’ll take it.

I’ll admit, I was afraid. I was afraid that the direction Microsoft was taking might reflect the direction that the gaming industry as whole would take — it wouldn’t surprise me given the growing number of games being tethered with, and often crippled by, always-online DRM, the stance of deeming consumers as guilty-until-proven-innocent becoming ever more prevalent among publishers — but I still held out a little hope, which was vindicated when I awoke this morning to see a flood of praise regarding Sony’s press conference! It was an easy victory, too; all they really had to do in order to beat Microsoft’s pantomime-like levels of villainy was to present a console which was not covered in poisonous barbs.

Beyond the elation I feel that the next generation (ah, that phrase finally means something again!) will include a console that does not screw over its consumer base every which way ’til Sunday, and to put my enthusiasm for Sony into perspective somewhat: with the Playstation 2 and Xbox One Classic, I was mostly impartial; I owned both. With the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, I was mostly impartial; I owned neither. I have not been excited for a console release since 1999.

I am excited for the Playstation 4.

(And of course there’s Nintendo. There’s always Nintendo. I haven’t mentioned them here though, because c’mon — it’s Nintendo. They know what they’re doing, and even when they don’t and they run into a hole in the road, that hole always somehow ends up being filled with more money.)