I learned a great many things during my time as a student that have stayed with me to this day. Unfortunately, a number of those things were bad habits.

It should be noted that both me and my faincée are spectacularly skilled in the subtle art of Letting Piles Of Items Accumulate. It can be practically guaranteed that any unoccupied surfaces in our immediate vicinities will not remain that way for long, something that would likely cause problems were it not for the fact that Tetris had trained us both for precisely such a scenario; where once there was free space there is now only junk, but the longer that junk sits there the more viable it becomes as new free space, and so we build, and build, and build, and so our Empire rises. In years to come, archaeologists may dig down to the worlds beneath worlds, to the long-forgotten foundations we laid down in The Beginning, and o what wonders might they find — what could this artefact be? A spearhead? Part of an ornate vase, perhaps? Or maybe even my damned DS charger?

The world may never know.

…What was I talking about again?