I am not an impulsive man. It is also extremely rare for me, of my own volition, to see the same movie twice while it’s screening in theatres. So when I say that after coming out from a showing of a different movie I proposed immediately buying tickets to see Wreck-It Ralph again, simply by virtue of being in close enough proximity to it, you may be surprised — unless you’ve seen Wreck-It Ralph as well, in which case that should not be surprising at all.

I’m looking forward to seeing it again, too, when it hits cinemas over here in Merry Old. Even if that means waiting 2 more months, and paying twice as much for tickets.

On another note, sorry there weren’t any comic updates the past couple weeks; between packing, travelling, unpacking, and sorting other things out I haven’t had a chance to get a proper comic out until today. I have my computer and drawing tablet set up again now though, so all is well and right with the world!