There are so many cool things out, or that are around the corner, and effectively managing your ancillary finances in order to procure said cool things can be considered a delicate art. In such an analogy, my fiscal management style could be likened to a Jackson Pollock; presumably there is some thought process behind it all, but dear lord what is going on here?

Actually, it would probably be more in the Minimalist vein, as I’m continually convinced to hold off on buying new games due to a) having built up a large enough reserve of games over the years that I am still technically “working my way through,” b) catching wind of a new game scheduled for release shortly after the one I’m currently saving for (repeat ad infinitum) and c) being super broke all of the time forever.

Speaking of which, this is also a thing: I recently took an uppercut square in the budget after having to reschedule some flights! So I’m a little more broke than usual. If you’d like to help me out at all, I’ve added a Downloads/Donate page where you can download any of the previous wallpapers for a donation of any amount. Any contributions would help me out, and help make sure the comic updates on time!