I have a habit of picking up words without actually learning them, only finding out their true meaning countless years later. Usually I’m never confronted with the truth because it turns out I have actually been using the word correctly all the while, but sometimes there are… outliers. Fortunately, these words are generally juuust obscure enough (for regular everyday normal conversation) that I’ll catch myself before they ever come up. Since I’ve never been called out on it, I can safely assume one thing:

I have some very polite friends.

In site news, from this week on the strip is going to roll back to updating weekly again, at least until I’ve rebuilt the buffer. Last week took a pretty ugly toll — and I have a few things planned in the coming months that will require a plump, healthy buffer — so I’m dialling back the update frequency in order to keep the comics coming steadily without risking long periods of late or missing updates. Sorry to say that, but I’ll hopefully be bringing it back up to speed again as soon as possible!