To date, there have been no fewer than a considerable few times when — whilst hurrying towards the bank before it closes, or rushing home before it starts to pour it down — I was forced to stop dead in my tracks and divert myself instead to lean against a nearby wall, or take a seat on a nearby much-shorter-wall, in an effort to keep my composure and not collapse in the street in the form of one large, roughly human-shaped guffaw.

The brunt of these incidents were directly related to My Brother, My Brother and Me, eaily one of the funniest podcasts — if not things — out there. I can’t recommend that show enough; even if you don’t normally listen to podcasts in general, I’d heartily urge you to give them a look. They even have a handy sampler you can listen to right here to so you know what you’re getting into!

In other news, hey check it out, As You’re Up is on Facebook! That’s a thing that is now a thing, and you can get on it and like it and share it and post stuff and tag stuff and those are all the Facebook related buzzwords I can think of off the top of my head right now. So head on over there if you want to check it out! It should be a good way to keep up to date with the comic and news and such, and I’ll try to post some behind the scenes stuff up there for y’all to see as well whenever I get the chance — and also let people know when I’m streaming a drawing session, once I start doing those again! (And of course, if anyone has any other ideas for ways to use the page, feel free to suggest them!)

Lastly, to commemorate this auspicious day — a day where we are just barfing up progress on the internet right here — I’ve whipped together a new wallpaper, free to download as a voting incentive!

1. Have you ever had to go on a long, boring walk? Where there might also be people?
2. Then why not try: Comedy Podcasts! They’re fun, free, and fit right in your ears/brain area!
3. Finally, you can walk down the street like a civilized person AND get your fix of merriment!
4. (Warning: may cause adverse side-effects)