Really though, if you go out dressed in so little stab-proof clothing you’re basically just asking for it.

I’ve said it a few times before, but I don’t really care which side of the fence you come down on politically. That political fence is practically a non-issue to me; I will get all Wilson W. Wilson on that fence, all poking my head out over the top and being super friendly (I guess in this analogy that makes you Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, and for that I am truly sorry). The fence I do care about is one of basic intelligence — a kind of “intellifence” if you will (you won’t, and I won’t blame you) — specifically the divide between logical, sane thinking, and lunatic idiocy which seems to be growing ever sharper, in spite of time flowing in a general forward-y direction, and not decades in reverse as some recent trends might lead you to believe.

Like the whole thing with Todd Akin recently claiming that a woman’s body can just decide not to get pregnant if a rape is “legitimate” (and then ironically, as many have noted: being asked by his own party to stop running in the race for senate, but refusing to pull out). And then there are these fine folks, who I assume wound up transported to the present via some sort of ill-placed time vortex. And more recently there was that thing Mitt Romney said, and that thing Paul Ryan said, which almost makes it seem like they might both keep intermittently forgetting that perhaps there could be an election coming up in the future, maybe. And just the other day (not 1820, trust me, I double-checked) another senate candidate likened pregnancy from rape to having a child out of wedlock. Oh! And I almost forgot this.

Look: it’s great if you have beliefs. Everyone ought to be free to believe what they want, that’s one of the most base freedoms a human being needs. But if you are in a position of power, and your decisions affect the lives and freedoms of numerous others, then maybe — juuuuust maybe — you should need to have a simple understanding of the basic ways reality works.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on a little longer than I’d intended. If you want to read a much better political cartoon, this one by Kris Straub does an excellent job of summing up the overall tone of the 2012 US election. If you want to read a much worse political cartoon, there’s the other one I did a while ago which doesn’t really do anything.