My new computer is here, all shiny and new, and computery! It took me a little while to set it up (read: safely removing/disabling as much of the useless software and features that came pre-installed on it), but once everything had been taken care of I was finally able to get a decent night’s sleep, knowing I’d be able to work my arse off the following morning! So, naturally, I awoke feeling awful, and barely able to complete one brush-stroke without sneezing. Fun!

I have my suspicions about why this might be, as you may inferred from today’s comic. It would certainly go some way towards explaining a rather concerning trend in similar situations past…

Who cares about all that though, the comic’s back! And not only is it back, but until we’re caught up with all the strips that never got done due to the compu-splosion,  As You’re Up will update twice a week! You heard (read: read) that right! As You’re Up is going to be updating almost as much as almost every other comic out there already does! Lucky you!

So be sure to check back again on Thursday for an extra dose of pixels-arranged-in-what-is-hopefully-a-visually-appealing-and-humorous-formation!

Chris: Okay, 3, 2, 1, let’s go! Computer on!!
Chris: Yeees! Aah, I can already feel work getting done!
[The next day]
Chris: Uugh, why I sick?
Computer: For my people…