I kind of have that effect, apparently.

There was no comic last week! There was a comic, and then it evaporated, along with the rest of my computer. For that I am deeply sorry.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what’s happened over the last week:

1. My monitor started flickering like a fiend, and then began to get very hot and emit an worrying hum. (The top solutions for this are apparently “hope it’s still under warranty” or “buy a new one.”)

2. My hard drive up and bricked itself. (For the top solutions to this problem: see above.)

3. I discovered the computer was still under warranty, and could have it fixed in about a week!

4. I got halfway through drawing a new comic, which hinged on the fact that my computer was still under warranty and would be fixed in about a week.

5. I discovered the computer actually wasn’t still under warranty after all, and would not be fixed, ever.

6. I regretted drawing the aforementioned comic on my last sheet of Bristol board and, once I stopped being too sad about the whole state of affairs, drew this instead on a sheet of copy paper, really quickly and without first pencilling anything. Hence this comic looking like it was drawn on a sheet of copy paper, really quickly, and without any pencilling.

So… yeah. Not the best. Hopefully things’ll start improving soon though, and while I doubt I’ll have a brand spanking new ‘puter all set up before next week’s comic is done, I should still be able to make next week’s comic look halfway decent!

Unless this backup computer explodes on me too! Ha ha! Ha.


Chris: Oww! Screen, why are you freaking out so? Whyyyyy? Nuuhr.
Chris: Well at least the rest of the computer is relatively–
Chris: URMPTH. Nuuuuhr!
Tony Stark: Don’t worry, Chris! I, Tony Stark, am a total whiz at techno doodads and whatjamahickeys! I can fix your–
Tony Stark: hurghk’n.