There was a period several years back wherein every coat I bought would be incrementally heavier than the last (a trend which may technically continue to this day, if you don’t count a brief step backwards with a couple of more sensible jackets). This is probably something that anyone who knows me, and has ever attempted to lift one of my jackets without substantial forethought, can attest to.

These are people who can also attest to the fact that I am barely strong enough to lift anything heavier than a pencil (which has, on occasion, led to some problems). For my part however, I still maintain that this succession of weighty outerwear is what gave me my energy-legs, which allow me to jump over a meter high from standing.

Oh yeah, you read that right — 101cm with no run up! That’s my equivalent to “sports trophy I’m really proud of and won’t stop harping on about, even though I won it when I was 8, and it’s made of cheap plastic, and the only word on it is ‘Participant.'”

Cam: Dude, I’m grateful for you lending me your old jacket, but this is impossibly heavy.
Chris: Yeah, but on the plus side: free exercise!
Cam: It kind of defeats the purpose if that exercise literally crushes me to death though.
Chris: Alright, fine! We’ll switch.
Cam: Thank you! Really, how did a weakling like you even lift this?
Chris: Yeah yeah, just shut up and pass it here!
Cam: Heuff!
Chris: Oh my god, is this made from air or something?!