Here’s a funny anecdote: I was very nearly unable to finish this comic about not being all that well due to the fact that I am apparently a one man sneezing machine. Seriously, I’m beginning to think that maybe this is like the manifestation of some extremely piss-poor super-powers; I predict that in no time at all I will have learnt to focus my sneezes into highly concentrated beam of sonic destruction. Unfortunately that also means that any time my powers are active, I will be too sick to get out of bed and help take down the bad guys. (If anyone would like to option that story for a high budget Hollywood production, email me. We can probably piggyback off the success of the recent Avengers movie. I’m pretty sure that’s how Hollywood works.)

Aside from providing a rough idea of how sub-par the immune is inside the amorphous amalgamation of frail and dilapidated deoxyribonucleic acid that is my body, this comic also features yet another character we haven’t seen in a long while — as well as what seems to be a recurring theme in comics that I appear in.

Anyway, blergh. My head feels like it’s been filled with concrete, so I’m gonna go curl up for a bit and listen to some more MBMBaM. Have a good weekend erryberry.

Chris: Excuse me, I was looking for a restroom?
Doctor: Oh my! Come in, come in!
Chris: No, I just need…
Doctor: Oh dear, oh dear. You really should have come to see me sooner.
Chris: …use of the facilities…
Chris: Ehn?
Doctor: But I should be able to fix all of this, yes, don’t you worry!
Docotr: Hup! [throws Chris into a dumpster]