I figured out what’s been missing from the comics lately: conflict! Well I’ve fixed it with this strip, which is just jam-packed with conflict both external and internal!

Part of the reason this comic is a day late is that I was up for 26 hours straight, and then only managed to get 4 hours of sleep before being up again for another 10. That was so much fun.
Mostly though it was because I wanted to do the inking traditonally. So I took my time to get it looking as crisp as possible, and inked it on A3 Bristol board with a brush pen (and no opaque white, which would have made a few things so much easier… man, I need to buy some of that stuff…) and I am just really happy with how it came out.

So now all I’ve gotta do is wait for the inevitable day when I spill tea or cereal or seven pounds of melted fudge all over it!