This isn’t the first strip I’ve done about my Adventures Arachnid, and probably won’t be the last. Don’t let the fact that in both of these cases the spiders depicted are so small though; all my entanglements with their larger brethren have simply proven too harrowing to recount. Although I have occasionally recounted them nonetheless.

The biggest problem with having acute arachnophobia is that it is essentially like having giant man-eating tigers jump out at you no matter where you may be. Except you don’t get to feel the fairly immediate sense of validation when your gut-wrenching scream is ultimately justified by a tiger-mauling. Unlike all those people who do get mauled by giant tigers at their desks. Those lucky buggers.

Basically what I’m saying is I wouldn’t judge you if you didn’t manage to get all your work done if there happened to be an imposing mass of fur and teeth with hungry eyes sat between you and your computer. Just sayin’.

Another major problem with arachnophobia is the sheer amount of public indecency incidents it so often leads to. But that probably goes without saying.