If you’ve ever been to Rain Bar in Manchester (spelt RA!N Bar, but I am unable to type that without feeling the need to shout the first half of it out loudly) you may be familiar with that portrait of the perplexed-looking gentleman. You may also, then, be familiar with the way the subject’s eyes aren’t looking at you, but are instead gazing into your soul, knowing only sorrow; they will not follow you around the room as much as their memory will follow you to your grave. O, if only those eyes could cry turpentine tears…

You may also be aware how inaccurate the portrait actually is in this comic, since I drew it from memory, and my memory is pretty much the worst thing in the world. In fact I’m pretty sure in the painting he might be facing the other way. We may never truly know. I will say one thing is certain though, and that is there is no way I could possibly properly capture that expression. I’m fairly certain the only way the original artist was able to capture it was through use of no less than three different forms of dark magics.

And it’s not like I haven’t had any experience dealing with enchanted painting tools before.

In other news, here is a thing that happened to me the other night. This is probably about as close as I’ll get to a true story about overcoming adversity in my life, so I hope you enjoy it!