I’d like to preface this by saying that I am not easily scared. However, to do so would be to preface this with the biggest lie imaginable.

I am in fact one of the most easily spooked people you could hope to meet, and as such I tend to avoid spooky things like some sort of ghost-plague. So when I say that I keep returning to the SCP Foundation, despite most of my very being sincerely wishing I wouldn’t, please understand there is a certain weight to that statement. And it’s not simply out of morbid curiosity either; I have a very reasonable and mature method to deal with that (specifically, “don’t look” followed by “okay look, but make it quick,” and ending with a fair amount of shame and self-loathing for looking, and a solemn vow to come up with a better method for next time). No, I keep returning because so much of it is actually incredibly gripping, well put together and presented, and on many occasions injected with an excellent degree of wit.

And then there’s also the morbid curiosity.

The reason I stumbled on to any of that at all though (and what could probably suffice as the focal point of this post entirely) is SCP-087 — something you may be familiar with already, if you’ve been spending any time at all on the internubs lately, though if you aren’t I’d advise heading over to this post on Rock Paper Shotgun for a more concise and articulate lowdown on it. There are numerous videos of people playing through it one Youtube, as linked to above, but it really does seem to be the case that you need to experience it yourself, rather than via proxy; without the sense of being personally immersed in that thing, with your own valid cowardice preventing you from taking the next step as opposed to someone else’s, it doesn’t have quite the same effect.

That effect being abject terror.

So yeah. I could sum all up my feelings on the SCP Foundation in a much briefer manner, by simply saying that it is dark, and it is dreadful. And in no way is that, nor anything else I’ve said here, intended as anything but praise.