And we’re back with the continuation of the Summertime Comics!

This is a thing that actually happened. I don’t think I can stress that enough: this actually happened.

We decided to head down (or up? Sideways? …widdershins?) to Galveston and spend the day at the beach — “we” in this case being Mr and Mrs Haygood, and Tasha and I. The fish were actually jumping out of the water hither and thither, presumably to get scope of the hubbub above, what with four particularly awesome people floundering around at the surface clearly being an item to investigate; those fish saw us swimming in the cool water and breathing in the summer air, and they wanted in on that.

Either that, or this was a rendition of the Little Mermaid gone terribly awry.

In any case it does serve as yet another reminder that the sea — with its tendency to throw various aquatic matter into its occupants’ faces mid-sentence — is indeed a rather uncouth mistress.