I have a problem.

That problem is that I have an innate and almost constant urge to completely ruin moments. Same thing with arguments; in general no matter how well things are looking, if I find something that I can say or do that will completely derail the situation in favour of potentially being mildly humorous, I’m gonna go for it.

So this happened. And when the response was not the mildly disappointed stare I was expecting, but rather my fiancée literally falling down laughing, well… sometimes you just know you’re marrying the right woman!

I’d also like to point out at this juncture that fart gags and toilet humour aren’t things I usually use, or generally even consider using. Having said that however, sometimes ya gotta fart. And if it’s possible to turn that fart into something, then I feel it can be excused.

Apparently I’m a very “Ends Justify the Beans Means” kinda guy.