It’s pretty much the dead of winter, so you know what that calls for — Summertime Comics!

Having not been swimming in any body of water deeper than 12 inches in what I estimate to be around 5 years or so, it’s probably safe to say that when I ventured out into the sea from the Galveston shore I had, in my naïvité, forgotten about the ocean’s treacherous and often terrifying ways; specifically, its rather uncouth disregard for others’ conversations.

Also probably sharks and kraken and deadly catches and stuff. I dunno, it’s been a while since I watched Discovery Home and Ocean.

More Summertime Comics to come, to cheer you up in these cold, dark, wintry days! But a brief reprieve from such unreasonably unseasonable scenery next week, when we switch gears back into full-freakin’-festive mode.