Lo, the comic is risen!

So it’s been a pretty bumpy few months in terms of being able to find time to draw enough strips to keep updating frequently; falling ill shortly after returning from the US, followed by a continuing influx of work meant I had to focus my efforts elsewhere until I could build up a proper buffer. Well, now everything’s back on track, and I’ve been able to get enough strips in the chamber to start updating again without having to worry about falling behind if I need to focus on my other responsibilities! I’m hoping to make the wait worth it for everyone — I can honestly say the comics I have drawn right now have been among the most fun to create, so hopefully you guys’ll enjoy them too!

I also made the last panel of this comic into a wallpaper for personal use, which I decided might be worth offering up as a kind of donator incentive. I feel a little iffy about having a ‘tip jar’ system on the site (I’ve written a little more about that in a separate post) but I’d rather be offering a little something extra in return, than having anyone donate and not walking away with something more than what they’re already getting. In any case, you can get it over there on the right — it’s available in a variety of screen resolutions, both right- and left-oriented depending on where you prefer to keep your icons!

In other site news, I’ve also done a little housekeeping around the place during the downtime. For example, now you can view the RSS feed in Chrome! (because for some reason Chrome can’t do that natively, which is just, I mean… what..?) That’s fixed now, so you can keep up with the new comics as they update even easier! The share buttons to the right are also working again, after suddenly not doing so due to something-or-other updating weirdly. On top of that there’ve also been a swathe of other minor cosmetic updates, which you probably (and in a few cases, hopefully) won’t even notice at all!

That’s pretty much everything for now, I think, but I’d like to leave you with an example of the incredibly harrowing things I’ve gone through since last being really active around here!

My harrowing ordeal with the spider