This was originally going to be a more spectacular and hard-hitting comeback, like you see on TV when a washed up soap star hosts a new reality quiz show; unfortunately it turned out to be less dramatic, like when a washed up soap star hosts the supplemental show to the reality quiz, on a second channel.

You know the kind.

But yeah, there’s an arguably kickass new site, and some of my favourite comics to date, looking (again, arguably) better than ever — only problem being the hosting and domain won’t play nice with each other for another 30 days. So that whole “hit the ground running” thing I was aiming for kinda went out the window.

So that left me with a couple of choices: aim for the dramatic re-return and go another month without updates while I wait until I can get the site online, or say to hell with it, and start updating regardless. And as we’ve already gone far too long without a proper update, I honestly couldn’t leave y’all hanging simply in the name of vaguely dramatic effect!

As for me, I’m off to the US again — and should in fact be there by the time this goes up, provided I didn’t burst into flames as soon as I stepped off the plane — but As You’re Up will continue to update weekly while I’m away (and afterwards of course!)