This might not make much sense if you’re not familiar with MS Paint Adventures. It also might not make much sense even if you are familiar with it, in which case I apologize.

Admittedly it’s been a while since I last read MS Paint Adventures, but I recently started reading the latest epic offering, Homestuck, and within a short while I was completely hooked — drawn in by the hilarious narrative, which soon opened up into a story and universe(s) so wonderfully crafted that I actually did find it hard to stop reading.

The level of detail and consistency poured into the plot, and the relationships between the characters and their interactions is astounding (especially given one of the fundamental elements used in both the story and the narrative itself, which I won’t get into because sploilerz, maybe kinda sorta probably), and it is easily one of the most involved and creatively told stories I’ve read to date, online or off.

So yeah, if you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend loading up MS Paint Adventures and getting stuck in.

(Also, apologies to Andrew Hussie for doing a rather naff job of aping your art)