Last comic of 2010! I probably shouldn’t be surprised, since my dad’s occupation essentially is making awesome things (if you live in the UK and watch TV, chances are you’ve probably seen something he worked on) but even so, I wasn’t expecting him to go ahead and put together a drawing board after just talking about the hypothetical possibility of it.
So a huge thank you to my dad, who is awesome and does awesome things, awesomely!

This one is a couple days late since my computer practically exploded in my face at the start of the week, and much of my free time was taken up dealing with that >:T didn’t lose any files though, so coulda been worse. New years resolution: update regularly, on time, come hell or high water!

Or highway tar.

And here’s hoping you all had a great holiday, if you were celebrating, and that your 2011 is gets off to the best start possible!