Okay, I’m honestly guessing I won’t be the first to make a joke of this kind, but still I couldn’t resist!

Went to see Inception the other day, and loved it. The visuals were just plain incredible, but they didn’t detract from the plot, which itself was superbly paced. (Excellent score too, which worked well to keep it all tied together!) Definitely worth watching!

Admittedly I’m not exactly the kind of person to write a movie review, so I’ll just say this: Go See Inception right now! XD

So, apology time? I’d like to say sorry to:
a) Christopher Nolan, for the terrible face-drawingness!
b) Leonardo DiCaprio, for the same reason as above!
c) Anyone who hasn’t seen Inception, or doesn’t know what exactly it’s about, for this comic probably not making all that much sense!*

*If this is you, then you should fix that by going to see Inception this very moment!
(And if you need further reason to do so, then consider that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were essentially warm-ups for this movie!)