This would have been up a bit sooner, but I kept running into problems.

Also, apparently Cam ended up slicing his leg tendans/ligaments/muscles in Bulgaria. He seemed lively enough a little earlier, but we’re all hoping he’s able to get home as planned.
I know it’s unlikely he’s gonna be able to read this until he’s back, but just in case – get home and better soon dude, and if you come back with a cast I’m gonna sign (and more than likely poke) the crap outta that thing!

Finally, if anyone’s looking for a designer or illustrator then head on over to my recently refurbished site at There’s a fair amount of work up there, with more coming soon as current projects are completed/some of the photos come back.

And since I always need to raise funds for my trips across the Atlantic to visit my girlfriend, you can be assured that I’ll always put my back into it to earn some dough!