Apologies for the length of the following comment!
Urgh okay, this week is definitely not the most ideal of weeks to get this ill, but I did anyway.

Because I live on the EDGE.

This one’s another from the brain and pen of Cam; I need to return his sketchpad to him so he can get more of this stuff down! Would probably have come out a lot better if I could have stopped sneezing for 20 seconds, but hey.

Going to try to keep to at least a bi-weekly update schedule starting next month – would say starting immediately but with an almost obscenely large number of deadlines approaching in the next few weeks I can’t make any guarantees (although that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying! Plenty of strips planned that just need scriptin’ and drawin’!)

In the meanwhile, take it easy all! And say no to catching colds.

(And say yes to Watchmen)