Hoo this took a little while to upload…

This decade’s comic brought to you directly from the brain of Cam! And honestly? This was freakin’ AWESOME to draw XD

It’s been a little trickier to update regularly than I’d anticipated, since my workload both a) makes me feel kinda guilty when I work on anything else (so if anyone wants to try guilting me into making comics more frequently, I wholeheartedly recommend doing it! Seriously XP) and b) keeps me just busy enough to get in the way of much else happening which might inspire a comic.

And you know, I just realised I never properly thanked those involved in getting this comic spotlighted (…spotlit?)
so a big belatedly specific thanks to Gouda, Ran, Pandachu, SuperBiasedMan, Vanpaia Naito, Zerodin, Afrohawkman, Three and TwelveOtwelve!

And another thank you to everyone who added us to your favourite list, or keep checking back every so often!

You guys are all awesome and are looking mighty fine today! XD


Next comic up within a fortnight!