Okay first off, if you’re not familiar with the game Phoenix Wright, this is probably gonna end up going over your head just a tad! But while there are those who dislike Detective Dick Gumshoe, I still think he’s a decent character. He’s an okay guy, pal!

And sorry for it being over a month since the last update! Wanted to get this up sooner, but was swamped with work once I’d gotten back.
Thankfully now the deadline’s passed, and I’m a little freer. And on that note I’d like to just let y’all know that I’m currently open for taking commissions if anyone wants me to do any work for them. You can find more information about that by checking out the current news post on our Home page!

I need to start earning at least a little money to put towards returning to Texas, so that more conversations like this can take place!