Prague was excellent, and so cheap I ended up spending most of my money… yeah that was kinda problematic. Great trip overall though, Ammi took some sweeeeeetass photos n’all!

As for today’s comic, perhaps there would have been one about our shenanigans in the Czech Republic, there may have been one about our exploits at the BBQ we had earlier… But I’ve just finished reading Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ and it seems to be the only thing I can actually think about right now, as if it consumes my every thought. So this was all I could do when it came to putting a comic up, what with my brain not being able to process much else. Think this is a fairly accurate portrayal of what my physical reaction to the sheer awesomnitude of the trilogy would be!

Didn’t have my tablet or scanner with me for this, so it’s been done entirely by mouse/keyboard. I like how it came out but damn did that take longer than it would’ve done otherwise!