I forgot about this idea, can’t believe we didn’t do this one sooner!

I was probably trying to apologise to myself – I promised I’d keep a regular update with this thing (a kinda personal goal thingy, if ye will!) and I’ve missed quite a few. So I keep getting those guilt trips, like when you feel you’ve let yourself down – either when I miss an update or an opporunity to get a job, etc.

But hey, employment is a higher priority now, and I can’t hold a broken PC accountable as my fault! So thanks for giving me the nudge I needed to realise that :3

So yeah, I think an update-schedule change may be a good idea; At least until I’m getting some form of income (which is the cause of most of my problems right now)!
Nothing too harsh, maybe every five days-ish, or once a week at the worst!

Something to think about anyways!
Peace out all, and if anyone offers you magic beans, take them! Nothing bad could possibly come of that, ever.