–EDIT: Replaced the crappy panels with good ones, like I originally meant to!–

Wow what a crap comic!
The first 2 panels were meant to be photos of some ludicrously elaborate decorations outside some houses where Cam lives. But we weren’t able to get down there to take any photos of them, so it was a rush job all the way! Figured better crap than never really.

On the plus side, we made another stupid mobile phone movie! Which should be posted somewhere on the internet for your delictation as soon as we manage to turn it into a format that can be played somehow! (Ah, the miracle of technology…)

–2nd EDIT: Yeah, that movie didn’t go too well. We needed to splice like 5 parts together but couldn’t find any software that would allow us to do that properly with the raw footage. Everything we came up with ended up being either out of synch or so low quality it couldn’t be seen (or both!)
On top of that I’m not sure where that original footage is, hopefully it’s still on the phone’s memory card. Off to check now! Yep, found ’em! They’re all on my PC now, playlisted in iTunes. Think that’s as far as they’re gonna get for a while though. Stay tuned!–