‘Break the shin’ really isn’t a game of great skill – usually the winner is the guy that goes first. There is still hope, however, as the person who holds the leg can still shout something distracting such as ‘CHA-BOOGIE!!’ and hope that the swinger will be put off, and merely break his friends arm instead. (There are no winners in Break the Shin, as whoever has their shin broken has their hospital bill spoted to them by the opponent.)

Also, do not try this at home, at somebody else’s home, the street, the theatre, a field, mars, or anywhere else. Maybe Pluto, because noone cares about that fake planet anymore.
Eventually we became smart enough to just skip right to playing some good ol’ Counter Strike.

[Games to play when you can’t sleep:]
[#1 – Guess the breath]
[#2 – Toothpicks]
[#3 – Break the shin]
-AAAAARGH! How about we play some Counter Strike instead!?
-No way man, I’m winning!