Ever forgotten to take a video back to Blockbuster? They send the freakin’ military after your ass, and then get ninja assassins to finish off the military. (Usually in that order, though it’s fun to see what happens when they get it the wrong way around!)

This is the last comic in this particular style – Monday will see the first posting of the new comic, one unstoppable in the face of a thousand armies!*
So here’s hoping you guys still like it ^^

(*Generally because armies don’t group in their thousands against a webcomic. I think if they actually did, we’d have been screwed from day one)

[Chris walking in the park]
[A helicopter crests the line of trees behind him]
Helicopter’s HUD overlay: Target: Chris Spain
Chris: [Under heavy gunfire] Hey. Yeah, it’s me… Quick, just return the video. Of course it’s gunfire, who do you think we’re dealing with here?!