Captain Manchester

The secret project I’ve been working on has finally been revealed!

I’ve recently been working with Smudge Jones of Tunafish Media, in conjunction with Forever Manchester, to create the Captain Manchester comic in order to raise money and awareness for the charity!

The comic itself — presented in a kind of hybrid comic book/short story format — still seems to be largely under wraps for now, but I should be able to post more details after its issue 1 launch next week, on the 9th October! I really think (and hope) people are going to enjoy it.

If you live in Manchester, you may already be aware of the real-life Captain Manchester who’s been going around the city for the past month or so, performing selfless acts and inspiring good will in others, and I have to say that his devotion to the role makes me all the gladder to have been involved in this project so far!

(And while the comic won’t be released until next week, you can still get the first print collection of my comics on Amazon for 30% off in the meantime!)