As You're Up: Book One

It’s finally here! The first official collection of comics in print form, it’s As You’re Up: The Firts Etidion (subtitle: There may be one or two mitsakes)! And you can get it on and on Amazon UK!

Collecting more than 140 original strips, The Firts Etidion delivers the funny directly to your brain’s chuckle cortex via those big, beautiful eyes of yours. And if that’s not enough, there’s also an introduction from the authors, which touches on the origins of As You’re Up and inevitably goes off on numerous tangents.

Still not enough? Well GUESS WHAT! It also includes a bunch of strips which have been remastered or redrawn completely just for this book! Check it out!

I really wanted to make sure everyone who buys this book gets their money’s worth, and while that meant delaying its release a little longer, I’m glad I did it; I think the effort shows, and makes this book something I can be proud to put out there! But why take my word for it, when you can take (a look at) these pictures!

As You're Up: the Firts Etidion


The Firts Etidion: Interior


The Firts Etidion: Interior

So fresh, ohmagawh!

The book itself is 158 pages, full colour, 7″ x 10″ (or approximately 18 x 24cm, if you’re into that sort of thing). and you can buy it from CreateSpace or Amazon (US) (UK)!

(Buying from CreateSpace will help better support the site, as Amazon takes more off the top of the book’s profits; I’m posting the Amazon link as well anyway, since I know it may be more convenient for some!)