Hey, guess what, Facebook! Yep, I took a big ol’ internet shovel and carved out a patch of e-land on the Faceborks, and now As You’re Up has its own little page right there, just waiting for you to click buttons that are there, or post stuff, or stuff!

I’m kinda hoping to post some behind-the-scenes stuff things there whenever I can, as well as let people know when I’m going to be streaming a draw session once I start doing those again, as well as letting people post things and interact and all that jolly jazz* — and if anyone has any ideas for things they’d like to see on/done with the As You’re Up Facebook page, I’m all ears!

To mark this completely and utterly historic day filled with internet innovation and future-grabbing progress computersmanship, I made a new wallpaper! It is for your computer desktop and is made of pixels, and is available to download here via the tip jar! (Available in various different ratios to suit whichever size monitor you’re using)

*”jolly jazz,” what? What?!