So here’s an update on where things stand in terms of replacing my old computer, and future comics:

First off, my shiny new computer is currently on its way to my doorstep! It should arrive by the end of the week, and hopefully won’t take too long to get it set up properly. And once that’s all sorted out…

The fires* of industry** shall burn again†, and the skies shall be blackened by the fumes of progress‡ as As You’re Up starts updating normally again!
Although “normally” might not be the most accurate word, because I’m planning on making a couple of changes to the schedule, for the time being at least. For starters, I’ll be new posting comics on Mondays as opposed to Fridays from here on out. Because… man, Fridays just were not a great idea…
Secondly, for as long as it takes to make up for the updates I missed due to this whole fiasco, I will be updating at least twice a week! I’ll also be keeping that pattern up for as long as I can afterward, which will hopefully be more than just 12 minutes.

So, that’s how everything’s looking right now. Sorry for the obscene lack of updates lately. I’ve been feeling all kinds of crappy about that, but hope to make it up to y’all as soon as I get the chance. Which shouldn’t be too far off, if the tracking page I keep feverishly refreshing and screaming at to go faster is to be believed.

*Metaphorical fires.
**Metaphorical industry.
‡This is really all just metaphor, please nobody call any environmental protection services.