I figured it might be worth moving all this to its own post, as it ended up a lot longer than planned, and didn’t really have much else to do with the strip in question.

This current strip marks number sort-of-200! I had been naming each strip numerically to better fit with the with the original archiving format applied to the comic, which eventually turned out to be one of the worst ideas as it meant the numbers would suddenly skip one every so often whenever I posted something non-comic-related (and made it even harder to organize or locate individual strips, which would be a cinch if they were named by date and not just now-arbitrary numbers). So while the working file for this particular strip is #200, there are actually only 185 comics in the current archive.

For a comic that’s technically been around since 2006, that is a pretty piss weak number of comics to have, if I do say so myself. I’m trying not to beat myself up too much over that though, since it wasn’t until relatively recently that As You’re Up was mainly just a hobby project that I’d update whenever I’d get around to it.

So yes, this isn’t the milestone 200th comic, and in all likelihood never will there be a milestone 200th comic — because from here on out I’m using a more sensible naming convention on my end, and as a result I will no longer be keeping a tally of how many strips there are!

I could probably keep a tally even with the new date-based naming system, except for the fact that I am just terrible at counting.