So as a few of you might remember, a while back I made an attempt at compiling the first major chunk of comics into a print collection. As you might also remember, that didn’t pan out. Partly due to some generally daft reasons (one proof copy taking 4 months to arrive, looking like someone had set the option for Print Quality to “Nope”), but mostly due to the apparent impossibility to print those comics at anything less than an extortionate price — even without making a profit.

I had mainly been exploring print-on-demand options though, so I decided to look into doing what a lot of advice out there suggests, and just going to a local printer and having a small print run done; you pay more at the outset, but it can come out cheaper overall, and you also get the bonus of being able to personalize the books before they get sent out. Which eventually led me to wonder, are printing houses in the US just generally cheaper than they are in  the UK? After receiving numerous quotes, for both small and large print runs, all the prices that came back were even higher than any of the print-on-demand options. I don’t know… maybe I was just unlucky in never stumbling across a sanely priced printer. Maybe they didn’t want me to find them, afraid that they would have to print atrocities such as this.

Whatever the reason, it reached the point where I was given three options: put a pin in it for the time being, ask people to pay upwards of $30 for a print edition, or sell that print edition at a quality which would make everyone’s eyes bleed. Since I’m not comfortable even approaching those last two options, I went with the pin thing.

Recently I’ve been taking another ganders at the possibilities of printing this collection — and believe I may have found a solution which doesn’t compromise on the price/quality side of things — so things might begin to progress again before too long.

I am curious though, has anyone else run into this problem of being unable to print things at a reasonable price? Or know of a particularly good way to go about this whole comic printing malarkey that maybe I’ve missed? Let me know, in the comments, I’d be grateful (because books are haaaaard).