Sep 24Fornever
Jun 22Brain Drink
Jun 11We Now Return To…


Dec 16Cutting Out Corners
Dec 11Something in My Eye
Nov 6Curriculum Veritas
Oct 31Scary Movie Star
Oct 15Lowgiene
Oct 12Clue Wop
Sep 30New Heights
Sep 23Crush Hour
Sep 16As You’re Washing Up
Sep 9Mana in the Bank
Aug 21Pale People Problems
Aug 16Survivalist 2: Survivorer
Aug 12Length Matters
Aug 2Time Management
Jul 24Pro Perspirant
Jul 17There Comes A Time
Jul 10BarbecEww
Jul 3Life in a Vacuum
Jun 21Staying Power
Jun 12Ball Gag
Jun 11On Comparisons
Jun 5Liquid Breadcrumbs
May 24Up Next: Sports!
May 15Survivalist
May 8Robust Features
May 1Worth His Salt
Apr 22Deviance
Apr 17On Living a Healthy and Organized Lifestyle
Apr 8Last Bite
Apr 1Customer Service
Mar 25A Clean Bill
Mar 18Evanesco
Mar 11Incalculable Genius
Jan 23Voice of Reason
Jan 16Good Byegiene
Jan 7Off Topic
Jan 1Resolute


Dec 10Emotional Wreck
Nov 19Took a Wrong Turn
Nov 12Dear John
Nov 5Pause For Food For Thought
Oct 29The Question
Oct 22The Manual VPN
Oct 15Artist’s Impression
Oct 8The Catch-All
Oct 1Parent Plan
Sep 25Payment Plan
Sep 17Thinking Cap
Sep 10Bare Faced Lies
Aug 29Akin To Madness
Aug 20Enervated
Aug 13The Games
Aug 9The Gatekeeper
Aug 6‘Cast to the Street
Aug 2Crisp Pain
Jul 30Between Wrong and Dwight
Jul 26Son of Fart Joke
Jul 23Just No Jutsu
Jul 12The Audacity!
Jul 9Great Irresponsibility
Jul 5Preemptive Tyke
Jul 2Deadly Pixels
Jun 8Tech-Shabby
May 25Last of the Horadrim; First Name in Style
May 18Fashion Dense
May 11Doctor, Doctor
May 4It’s a Small World Domination
Apr 27a.k.a. “How Perplexing” Sauce
Apr 21The Hard-Hitting Adventures of Punch-Lad!
Apr 16Mind Tracks
Apr 6Spill Life
Mar 30Hunger Struck
Mar 23On Loan from the Snoozesonian
Mar 16Unfinished Wimphony
Mar 10The Pitcher of Dorian Gray
Mar 2Expiry Date
Feb 25Scaredy Cat Procedures
Feb 17Inepth Charge
Feb 10Ebbing Flow
Feb 3Novelly Graphic
Jan 27Things That Go Honk In The Night
Jan 20Ah, the Old Ones…
Jan 17¾ Assed Idea
Jan 6Pale In Comparison


Dec 30Poissonate Kiss
Dec 23Père-shaped Noël
Dec 16Current Affairs
Dec 9Fart Joke
Dec 2Food Brain
Nov 25Undying Needs
Aug 5Freudian Slit
Jul 29I Come From the Land of the Ice and Sleet
Jul 22The Ideas Degeneration Process
Jul 15Painstakingly Researched
Jul 8Get Rich Lit
Jul 1Son Of Shelob
Jun 24The Triumphant Return
Mar 28Mathemutation
Mar 18Searscreen
Feb 19Which We All Then Did
Feb 11Screenstuck
Feb 4Future Sock
Jan 28Make Do With What You’ve Got
Jan 18Attenborough’s Kitchen Nightmares
Jan 8Hammer?
Jan 1Back To It


Dec 24End Of Inline
Dec 21With Bob Hoskins As Lara Croft
Dec 7The Secret Sweater
Nov 30PSA: The Perils Of Being Organized
Nov 26Ronposter
Nov 21Bedheaded
Nov 9Never Far Away
Nov 2Digital Effects Not Make One Great
Oct 26Patch Addiction
Oct 12Dæmona Lisa
Oct 10Sad Magician
Oct 5Stand Down
Sep 21And Almost As Much Battery Life
Sep 19You Must Also Wear This Unwieldy Crown Of Lead
Sep 7Dreaming Big
Sep 1To The Weird Wagon
Aug 24We Return Yet Again…
Aug 17We Now Return To A Precarious Ledge
Aug 10S.M.R.T.
Jul 27Time Like The Present
Jul 20Inspireption
Jul 13Nomination Domination
Jun 29Probably Not His Given Name
Jun 22A Serious Case Of Helmet Hair
Jun 15From The Makers Of Befuddlefudge
Jun 8What Would Samson Do?
Jun 4An Open Forum Of Discussion
May 25Cracker-lacking
May 18Ooh, Political!
May 11We’re Not Quite Ready For The Deep End
May 4Deep In The Heart Of A Mancunian Cocktail Bar
Apr 29What Dreams May Have Come
Apr 20Loose Lisps Sink… Shisps
Apr 13Wingardium Leviostarr
Apr 6Best Use Of Voice Chat
Mar 30Like Twilight (but with more fangs and less awkwardness)
Mar 17DNAwesome
Mar 9FT (WARNING: Severely Disturbing Imagery!)
Mar 2Fountain Of Youthlethth
Feb 23As Is Customary
Feb 14Packed With Efficiency
Feb 9Team Sleepy
Jan 28A Humerus Event
Jan 12We Are Manly Men
Jan 5Scourgedale Pizza Co™


Dec 22Rental Rantal
Dec 15Trinadvertant
Dec 8Dangerous Levels Of Radiator
Dec 1Fist Of The North Pole
Nov 25An Even More Amazing Invention
Nov 17Suckers For Love
Nov 10Not Always A Valid Excuse
Oct 20Platform 20 Of The Explanation Failway Station
Oct 6Justice: Serves 2
Sep 22Justice: Serves 1
Sep 8Do It For SCIENCE! :02
Aug 25Censor Sense… Tingling
Aug 11Spanner?
Jul 28Yes, Insomnia!
Jul 15You Might Be Surprised
Jun 30Decidedly Unheroic
Jun 15The Journey Continues
Apr 28A Serious Problem
Mar 30Cast The Clocks An Hour Forward, Ye Not Guilty
Mar 14Best Laid Plans
Mar 13Yet Another Fantastic Product
Feb 28Next Week On Dragons Den
Feb 6This Made My Day
Jan 26The Fashion Police
Jan 5By Far The Most Horrendous Thing I’ve Ever Drawn


Nov 24The Darndest Things
Oct 20Portion Of Comfort
Oct 10Dead Scary
Sep 26Tea Break
Sep 19When Foodstuffs Approach Their Expiration Date
Sep 12Large Hadron Collander
Sep 5He Tampers With Things
Aug 29Under Close Non-Observation
Aug 22Quite Literal
Aug 15Do It For SCIENCE! :01
Aug 8Like Father Like Son
Aug 1For SCIENCE!!
Jul 25I Think I Just Love Doing That Too Much
Jul 19The Alton Chronicles: Part 6
Jul 11The Alton Chronicles: Part 5
Jul 4The Alton Chronicles: Part 4
Jun 27The Alton Chronicles: Part 3
Jun 20The Alton Chronicles Part 2
Jun 13The Alton Chronicles: Part 1
May 11Kill Your Monstah
Mar 24Black Eyed? Peas!
Feb 14Jolly Huggle Day!
Feb 9Tempest Lavalle Guest Strip


Dec 1Reasonable Requests
Oct 24Happy Birthday Tempest Subtitle An Even Amazinger Invention
Oct 2Celebration Intervention
Jun 23Happy Birthday Cam!
Jun 7Better Than Benadryl
Jun 2Et Tu Curriculum Vitae
May 16Latent Rage
May 940 Seconds Of Shame
May 2Helm-It
Apr 27I Forgot To Eat While I Was Doing This
Apr 19Just Like A Modern Shakespeare
Apr 13A Hearty Hell Yes To His Dark Materials
Mar 18Happy Mothra’s Day!
Mar 17Survival Kit
Mar 13The Best Thing To Do In World Of Warcraft
Mar 6An Amazing Invention
Feb 27When You Were Young
Feb 23Diagram of Chris’ Brain: by Cam
Feb 20Cam Gets Attacked By Japanese Horror Film
Feb 16This Wednesday In Retrospect
Feb 13It Concluuudes
Feb 9It Begiiins
Jan 2Setting The Mood For 2007


Dec 29And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…
Dec 25And Happy Holidays!
Dec 23Season’s Greetings!
Dec 8…And Now So Have I
Dec 5My PC Exploded…
Dec 1Extendo-Mobile: Part 3
Nov 28Extendo-Mobile: Part 2
Nov 24Extendo-Mobile: Part 1
Nov 21DK Mode: Part 2
Nov 14DK Mode: Part 1
Nov 9Probably An Understatment
Nov 2roflcakes
Oct 30Backside Of The Valkyries
Oct 26Kitchen Counter Culture
Oct 23It Really Was
Oct 19F.E.A.R. Survival Guide: Part 4
Oct 16F.E.A.R. Survival Guide: Part 3
Oct 12F.E.A.R. Survival Guide: Part 2
Oct 9F.E.A.R. Survival Guide: Part 1
Oct 5Hostile Takeovers
Oct 2Celery-related Education
Sep 28Block Mesa Video
Sep 25The Summer In Retrospect
Sep 21Casual Friday, Pandora Tuesday
Sep 18A Momentus Occasion
Sep 14Insomnia?
Sep 11Tan In A Can
Sep 7A Silver Lining, Of Sorts
Sep 4Malevolence
Sep 1The Fourth Wall